About Us



HHH Earthmoving have 25 years experience in the earth moving business and is a privately owned heavy earthmoving equipment supplier in Australia. With a fleet of 30 machines we are able to offer our clients, experienced precision earth moving and are flexible enough to work within any constraints and deadlines. This includes mining dump trucks, excavators, dozers and other ancillary equipment.

HHH Earthmoving Pty Ltd is a well-respected and leading supplier of equipment to the civil, mining and resources industries of Australia. With years of experience in excavation machinery, HHH can assist in sourcing all earthmoving needs.

We differentiate our service by our diligence in looking ahead as a project develops. Our years of experience translate into foresight as the individual requirements of any given project become apparent. It is this blend of experience, diligence and attention to detail that sets HHH apart within the civil construction industry.

Our success is based on a simple commitment to develop and maintain lasting relationships with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers.

We understand the most important aspect of plant hire is getting the most out of the equipment that you hire and to do this you need three things; reliable equipment, quality operators and exceptional service. At HHH, our aim is to deliver on this every time we touch the ground.

We offer standard and custom featured equipment on short-term, long-term and permanent hire to accommodate every client’s needs. HHH complements every piece of equipment with experienced, service orientated operators and are always looking for innovations to keep our equipment ahead of the game.

Our operators are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced earthmovers in Australia, including sought after final trim grader operators and will come fit for the most stringent induction and safety requirements.

Our proven track record of completing quality works within strict timeframes and project budgets enables us to provide an unrivalled competitive edge for our clients.